• Our WPC decking can be used for all kinds of styles of outdoor garden. Other than traditional wood brown, we also offer gray and other six standard colors for option. Not need to polish and paint like real wood decking, low maintenance garden WPC decking spares more of your time for enjoying great outdoor views. In a word, WPC decking is the perfect choice for the outdoor garden.

    You can divide a leisure area where you can sit down, relax without any pressure and enjoy the beautiful view. Or you can put some plants and flowers in your garden, to beautify it. Garden decking gives your garden a new meaning by offering you a tranquil resting space after a hard day of work.

    As a high-quality WPC decking supplier, we assume that the design and construction of various kinds of garden floors around the world provide solutions for the purpose. Whatever building needs you have, you can get more feedback by contacting us.

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  • Outdoor swimming pool decking has been exposed to the damage of ultraviolet and moisture for a long time. Different decoration materials are different in appearance, durability, and cost. Special attention should be paid to choosing decking materials. If you are looking for the ideal materials, our WPC Decking will be the best choice.

    Our composite pool Decking made use of composite materials, from material selection to production is controlled by our production department very strictly. Consequently, it fundamentally solves the problem of getting mildewed, swelled and rotten and it’s suitable for all outdoor environment.

    The observe side of our outdoor pool decking is ridged design, which is skid resistant and easy to clean. And the reverse side can apply sanded or engraved treatment. There are six colors of choice for your preference. Our composite decking will not change color in humid condition, so there is no need to worry about the color losing its original color effect.

    If you like hosting the pool party and use candles as decoration, our WPC decking would be a perfectly safe choice because of it meets a certain fire resistance standard. If you are interested in our composite pool decking pictures and references, please contact Techwoodn for more information.

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  • Thinking of your home as a painting, the decking is the background of the decoration style, and the colors of the decking and wall decide the tone while furniture and other decoration decide overall style.

    For some specific themes that need bold and unique color for your decking, we provide grey co-extrusion composite decking boards. With the unique color that differs from traditional wood color and unique grain, it looks more fashion and modern. Due to the particularity of composite material, our WPC decking has a variety of colors to match all kinds of decorating style.

    Grey WPC co-extrusion decking has the wood grains and touch as real wood. In addition, it has a great number of advantages— it is not only durable, safe and good to look, but also more environment-friendly than wood because of its 90% of recycling material. WPC decking does not need special care and maintenance and won’t faint and age after years of utilization.

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  • Our offers a modular solution for efficient installation for Roof Top Deck.Our PVC Decking Roof Top is composed of the lightweight polymer. Roof Top Deck can be laid directly on the floor of the roof without influencing building structure.

    Differing from traditional wood decking, Roof Top PVC Decking doesn’t need to be painted, burnish or dye, and can resist sunburn and rain, which is very suitable for roof decoration that exposes to the natural environment.

    We provide different colors, treatments and sizes of Roof Top PVC Decking for your option. You can design your ideal deck for whether the outdoor recreational area for the catering business or outdoor living room for relaxing and enjoying the sunbath.

    We also provide WPC wall cladding used with WPC Decking to bring out the best of our products and create a natural and integrated outdoor living space.

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  • WPC Deep Embossed porch decking is composed of plastic and wood fiber, which is a unique design that makes it an ideal choice for you looking for durable and fancy decking board. It can be used around the house built a porch. Since this unique material is non-slip and waterproof, it not only protects the integrality of the structure but also keeps people safe from the danger of waking on the slippery floor.

    The flexibility in utilization of WPC Deep Embossed porch decking is one of the reasons why many of our customers choose it. Our provides various colors and a variety of length to help you easily create the spacious effect that you expect. Our system for installation makes it easy for assembling without visible nails and screws.

    Multifunctional decking means infinite possibilities; you can apply the WPC Deep Embossed porch decking as our example–setting up outdoor tables and chairs on the decking with several nice plants, and turning it into an outdoor leisure area. Composite porch decking can also be extended as a dining hall which allows you to enjoy outdoor views instead of walls.

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  • Now WPC composite materials are widely used, and in addition to the decking, the composite fence has become one of the most popular materials besides wood. Composite Fence Panels are mainly used for home walls, which can add a certain amount of privacy while protecting the safety of children or pets. Composite Fence has a variety of different style, color, design, and size are very similar to the traditional Fence. There is no gap between each WPC Fence Panels, the conventional height is 1.8 meters after the installation is completed, a relative closed Composite Privacy Fence Panels is formed.

    The advantages of the WPC composite privacy fence have the advantages that traditional wooden fence does not have. These fences don’t decay, they don’t deform, they’re more durable and easier to maintain than wood. The installation is as simple as Lego bricks, which can be inserted into the support track with each composite fence. We use the aluminum alloy accessories bracket so that the composite fence has the longer service life.

    In addition to the above products, our offers several types of fence to choose. Contact us for more product information.

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