PVC Fireproof Decking

PVC Fireproof Decking

The pvc decking can replace wooden decking and wood preservative decking to be long-time used in outdoor, port, dock, seaside, wetlands, water platform, park roads, and many other landscaping and municipal projects.Main composite PVC + calcium carbonate + Infusion of resistance + AcR +Vesicant +stabilizer + Anti-oxidant + UV colorant + Talcum powder.

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Model: QZS-02-1
Decking Size: Length available in 2.9 meters; Concealed fasteners for a smooth look
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Key benefits include: High durability, fireproof waterproof, anti-fungus, PH resistance, reversible sides and anti-slip

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About PVC Fireproof Decking Product Details

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SIZE: 300X300MM

SIZE: 140X25MM

SIZE: 140X25MM

SIZE: 140X25MM


SIZE: 150X25MM




Main composite PVC + calcium carbonate + Infusion of resistance + AcR +Vesicant +stabilizer + Anti-oxidant + UV colorant + Talcum powder

The Characteristics Of Decking:

I Fireproof,waterproof, and corrosion resistant: Our outdoor deck floor is made of virgin plastic. There is no any wood fiber inside, so it is fireproof and waterproof. Some other factory produces wood+plastic composite panel that fires easily and corrode when meeting water.
II Durability: ASA material surface can resist the UV damage and keep the board color anti-fading in the sun.It bears the temperature from -40 to 60℃.
III Anti-slip: The plastic deck floor is with natural wood texture and after embossed treatment.
IV Eco-friendly and low carbon content and environmental friendly: No wood fiber and recycled old PVC inside the board. No painting surface. It is pollution-free, odorless and recyclable without formaldehyde and toxic materials.
V Easy installation and cleaning and free maintenance: General labor can install the deck by easy tools and accessories.it can be cleaned by water and free maintenance.

Installation Instructions Of PVC Decking

Ask: Is there a requirement for the span of WPC during installation?
Answer: Yes, the joist of WPC flooring cannot be too big. When the profile is mounted with a joist angle of 45℃, reduce the distance of the joists by at least 10 cm. In special use conditions or extraordinary load conditions - such as hot baths - installation may require shorter spacing. Please do the engineering analysis before installing.

Ask: How should the WPC be stored?
Answer: Compared with the same volume of wood, WPC is much heavier, and have better toughness. Therefore, in the storage of WPC, especially long-term storage, should pay attention to the flat on the ground to prevent deformation.

Ask: WPC water absorption is high?
Answer: As in the wood fiber and other natural fibers wrapped around a layer of plastic layer, WPC water absorption is very low. It's very suitable for waterfront landscape.

Ask: Will low-temperature weather affect WPC?
Answer: WPC even in low-temperature weather is still good, but because the composition of plastic accounted for around 50%, so in very low-temperature weather will be harder and more difficult to punch, in this case we recommended pre-drilling.

Ask: Are there any gaps when installation?
Answer: Yes, considering the drainage, cleaning and a slight thermal expansion / contraction and other factors. Edge to side, between the first pair of head must leave the appropriate gap when installation. The WPC will not expand and shrink due to the moisture and dryness of the environment, but will have some degree of expansion and contraction depending on the temperature change, leaving gaps in the edges and the head to the head, Pay special attention in the winter especially.

WPC DECK Industry Co.,ltd is selling its WPC products to over 100 countries and areas in the world, such as America, Britain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, Finland, Australia etc., winning good praise from the clients.

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Our composite decking,fence(railing),wall panel,boat deck products is cheap and durable, It's installation is simple, easy maintenance, weather resistant, life than ordinary wood 10 times, and the shape,color, size can all be adjusted as clients require.

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WPC DECK Industry Co.,ltd composite decking supplier has been certificated ISO9001 and ISO14001. and has successfully passed the tests of National Construction Material Bureau, America ASTM standards and CE safety requirements.

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